Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye Sweet 2011

I've practically been in pjs for the last 6 days. Today was the first day I drove a car since the 24th. The end of 2011 has been a sweet bubble.

2012 will be full of surprises yet-to-be.

But just like treasured vintage ornaments, 2011 will be held onto, if in memory only.

But until then, 6 more sweet 2011 hours are still to come.

Best wishes for a Happy 2012!!

p.s. My treasured Schumacher Nanjing tablecloth is thanks to an amazing blog giveway from Sherry at Design Indulgence that included 3 yards of this fabulous fabric. Thank you Sherry!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Party Guest Post at Party Resources

Today I'm guest posting at Kate's terrific go-to blog for great ideas, Party Resources. She asked me share to a few thoughts about a perfect New Year's party. I, myself, am in awe of the Christmas party (picture above) that her family throws every year, turning their barn into an idyllic setting. Hope you'll head over to Party Resources and check out my thoughts, which includes my favorite Bourbon cocktail.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all my lovely readers, fellow bloggers and the individuals that have inspired me over the past year! It has been an incredible one for me -- moving from the mountains of Jackson Hole to the windy city of Chicago and from marketing and event planning at a nonprofit to a sponge in the beautiful design studios of some very talented interior designers (that leave me in awe everyday). I thought I would end the year with some pieces that echo the celebratory elegance of the holiday...

(via bailey doesnt bark, marni, kate spade and trina turk)
Wishing you and yours a very happy new years! xoxo

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

color pops {a fresh breath of blue}

As much as I love the holiday season it can also leave one drained. I know that I am definitely in need of recharging before the new year arrives and I am pretty sure some quality time in these serene blue rooms would be an instant fix.

(via bonesteel trout hall , plum cushion, trad home and munger interiors)

Monday, December 26, 2011

silver paper + mirrors on chains

I was just flipping through Mary Macdonald's book Interiors: The Allure of Style and these two glamorous rooms caught my eye. When I looked closer I realized the two key elements these rooms had in common. They both featured stunning mirrors hung on chains and silver paper (on the ceiling in one and all over in the other). Not to mention stunning crystal chandeliers. This could be my new "go-to" combination for over the top glamorous spaces.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

current cravings {unique and intricate}

It is hard to imagine after having such a lovely Christmas to crave anything but I can't help lusting after these unique statement pieces...

(necklace via roarke, serena and lily and the rug company)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Merry

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!!

{our Christmas tree...  my mom has given me an ornament every year of my life
& now I have a treefull!  ...thanks ma!}

.....And I swear I'm not 200 years old.. I've also been given many others & bought some myself over the years ;)

 We finished up the work year with a condo installation today and are now totally ready to veg.   Tomorrow is our last-minute shopping day & I'm also hoping for some downtime reading & cuddling by the tree (if at all possible) before the holiday rush of parties.   I'm off for the night, but: a very merry holiday - whichever it is you're celebrating!!- to you & yours!!!
Big hug.

xoxo, Lauren

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There are many essentials to a successful holiday celebration. I would be lying if I said that a well stocked bar wasn't one of them. Second to a well stocked one would be a beautiful one. I love the this unassuming but fabulous bar... well as the unique placement and sheer weight of this one...

(images scanned from Details by Lili Dialo and Chicago Spaces)

A Little Christmas Cheer

I had planned to post about Christmas decorations at my house but things have been a bit too hectic.

However, here's a post from way back in 2008, Tennessee Ernie Ford's version of Children Go Where I Send Thee, sung surrounded by kids, including his son Brian. - CLICK HERE and enjoy!

p.s. I looove this door and wreath

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blogger Secrdt Santa: Who are you???!!

This year I'm in a Secret Santa exchange with some blogger friends -arranged by Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone- and I have NO IDEA who my {AWESOME} Secret Santa is!!!

Here is the list of possible culprits:

My Santa seems to know me so well!!  (Or maybe I'm really obvious to figure out????  hahaha)  But, really, when my first package arrived I was thrilled.  She's the best.  It was an itunes gift card (yipeeeeeeee-  I love to dance in the kitchen - or anywhere- to new music) and the most adorable little box of GREEN notecards.:

They'll stay in my kitchen where I'm always scrounging around for a piece of paper for grocery lists or notes.   (It's so funny but I can't believe how having this little box of pretty note paper has made life easier for me...  I know it should be common sense to keep paper in the kitchen but I never wanted to because I never had any that was pretty enough to keep out.  All the rest always felt like clutter.  So no more running around through the house looking for scrap paper to make lists for me!!)

Anyway, I was all happy thinking that was it.  But THEN, another package arrived.  ( !!! ) I tore open the package like a six year-old....  (getting gifts in the mail is awesome.) It was a beautiful Stella & Dot box...

{I'm using stella & dot as a clue...  I know some of those Santa culprits above are stella & dot ladies so I'm narrowing down my guessing pool.}

And this is what was inside:

{Seriously Santa???  You are amazing!!!  I LOVE YOU!!}

How did she know??!!  It's perfect and with green being my favorite color, I am going to wear this baby all the time.  (It is more green in person than in the pic if that didn't make sense ;)  It's so beautiful and (maybe it's the pregnancy hormones) but it made me a teensy bit teary.  Santa, thank you for being so generous & thoughtful. 

So...  now that you have seen the list of Secret Santas,  any guesses as to who sent me my package?  Also, I sent a little Santa package myself over to one of those Santas...  You can click these posts below to see the other gifts & make guesses.  If you follow the link to Brooklyn Limestone, you can also enter a contest with your guesses.  Have fun & I would really love some help as to who you think sent me mine so be sure to enter a guess in the comments section!! :)

Thank you again to my Secret Santa.

xoxo, Lauren

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

kitchen crush {minimal + industrial}

In general, I am not a gal that loves industrial design, as it can come across rather cold and utilitairan. The one room where I find the industrial look to not only appealing but functional is the kitchen. I would happily replicate these open shelves, windows, tolix chairs, lights and this table (umm...amazing) any day and any time!

From the Stacks: An Expat

Canadian expat Thomas Wiggin's Georgian home, The Hylands, south of London was one of my favorite features in House and Home's November 2007 issue. Can you imagine waking up in the morning to this stately second floor balustrade overlooking the foyer and then making your way down to breakfast? This isn't just a home, it's an experience.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Holiday Whirlwind

I guess it probably seems like this every year, but this year seems extremely whirlwindish in terms of the holidays coming up quickly. 
At work, our past month (or 2) has been jam-packed with client installations & presentations and it has floooown: 

{mid-installation day in a living room}

{a dining room}

{sneakity peek of the adjoining living room}

{a master bedrom}

{a sliver of a family room}

{the neighboring breafast room with kids' art gallery}

{an almost-finished master bedroom...  will be sure to post a new pic with artwork, styling & new bedding}

...And there are a few more that I just can't post quite yet... but it's been ca-razy.  (And thank God for my assistant, Meghan.)

At home though, we've tried to take it easy and we've been leaving our weekends fairly open so we have time with each other.  I've been coming out of the first-trimester pregnancy coma and am almost halfway there till baby arrives.  (NOT that I'm wishing this time away...  I know this is the probably the easiest my life is going to be for a loooooong time ;)  But we've been slowly adding Christmas around our house.  One of my favorite simple ways to make the house feel festive is to put hack cut white poinsettias & place them in containers around the house:

{I mentioned last year that I'd seen it in an old Better Homes & Gardens article & it really is sooo fast & pretty.  It's the perfect 1-minute centerpiece.}

We also strung up COLORED LIGHTS outside our house.  I know, I know.  But the kids love them...  And I sort of do too.  (shhhhhhhh ;)

I'm extremely behind on Christmas shopping, as always.

..And...  we celebrated Justin's 2nd birthday last night with my parents & grandparents.   
 I can't believe how big my baby got!! 

{This is a picture of him just after triumphantly annoucing to the table "I'm two!"}

Above, that's his Pop Pop/ my step dad Tom  is making sure he doesn't dive off :)

We celebrated with a caramel cake sent to us by our friends at John Rosselli in Georgetown.  My mom topped it with rice krispy treat snowmen- oh my:

{As you can see, it's tough to have to blow out two whole candles.}
My little sister, "Auntie Morgan," is on the left holding Christian.
Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your own whirlwind.  I've realized that life never really does seem to slow down so you have to make your own moments to savor.  We've been trying ourselves & I hope you've gotten some in at your house too!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

John Matthew Moore at Maison de Luxe Greystone

Paloma of La Dolce Vita posted a nice image of Barry Dixon's library with DC artist John Mathew Moore's much admired sheep portrait in sepia tones. Although I love it in it's full color (my good friend just placed one over her family room mantel), the sepia version is perfect in this room of warm neutrals. I've had the pleasure of meeting Matthew and visiting his studio, which was such a treat. To see more of his works, go here.

event inspiration {a soft shimmer}

Although I love bold colors there is something so appropriate and elegant about the shimmer of a soft metallic color scheme for the holiday season...

Friday, December 16, 2011

From the Stacks: Ghost of Christmas Past

With just over a week to go, are you still decorating? I am still adding bits here and there and finding inspiration in these images from Christmas past. This tangerine Christmas is from 2001 and looks as current now as it did then. Hope you have a great weekend.
House & Home Nov 2001, Produced by Erin Feasby, photography by Michael Alberstat
House & Home Nov 2008, design by Brett Sherlock and James Booty, photography by Donna Griffith
House & Home Nov 2002, Designer Cally Bowen, Photography by Michael Alberstat
Source: House and Home Nov 2001, design by Bernadette Morra, photography by Ted Yarwood.